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Affirmation Deck and Journal - Bundle Deal

Affirmation Deck and Journal - Bundle Deal

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Deck + Journal Bundle 

BUNDLE & SAVE with the Authenticity Affirmation Deck and Companion Guided Journal. This is truly the best pair and best value.   

What’s included in the bundle?

Authenticity Affirmation Deck

Connect instantly to your intuition and receive internal direction on the spot! This 64-count affirmation card deck will connect to your energy centers and relay to you the exact message you need to hear from your internal guidance system. Easily carry them with you in your purse or bag by storing them its sturdy travel box. Or display them at home on your shelf or counter to show off the LUXE gold trim on each card. These cards feature a thickness that will not have you worried about them wearing overtime or bending out of shape due to shuffling. This deck is a MUST HAVE for those looking to connect deeply to their intuition with a Human Design and ICHING twist! 

Companion Guided Journal 

You have the Authenticity Affirmation Deck now it’s time to DO THE WORK with this companion journal. This journal is the perfect partner to the card deck as it provides journal questions for you to answer based on the card you pull from the deck. Once your card is pulled, use the color-coded labels on the side to locate your energy center, then locate your numbered card, and finally, you’ll discover three journal questions for you to pick from. Each time you pull this card, select a different question. The questions are designed to digger deeper into that energy center and connect to the ICHING divination associated. The LUXE thick gold binding allows for your journal pages to stay secure. This journal can easily fit into your travel bag or your bookshelf. 

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